Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Exact or Estimated?

Identify 5 numbers from the website of your choice and answer the following questions as comments.

1. URL of website
2. The 5 numbers are..... (and the units/ context) (and whether they are exact or estimated)
3. The reason why the numbers are presented the way they were


  1. 1)http://www.police.gov.sg/about/history.html (<-- this is where I found the information)

    -one sergeant, 12 constables and a jailer
    -this is exact as this is a time in history that marks the start of the Singapore Police Force

    -estimate as this is not confirmed and no one would count to the precise amount of people who had actually joined the force

    -This is a historic event when Singapore became independent.

    -this is a milestone in the history of the Force when a notable event had taken place.

    -this is another milestone in the history of the Force when a notable event had taken place

    1. 1965
      -exact, this is a historic event when Singapore became independent.

      -exact, this is a milestone in the history of the Force when a notable event had taken place.

      -exact, this is another milestone in the history of the Force when a notable event had taken place

  2. 1.http://www.zoo.com.sg
    2. wildlife preserves likes:942,180.(exact).
    no.of animals:2800(estimated)
    no. of visitors:1.6 million(estimated,of course.)
    zoo ticket for adult:$32.00(exact)
    3.so the numbers will not get messy.like, if the no. of vistors are messy numbers,it will look ,of course, very messy.

  3. Sentosa:
    1. 11 attractions.Exact.There are only 2 digits needed
    2. 3.2km. Estimate. 32km is 3200 m and 4 digits is too long to remember
    3. 30m.Estimate. The beach is not created with precision
    4. 50 hectares. Estimate. The greenery is unpredictable and thus difficult to measure
    5. $44.Exact. The price is important when considering a ticket

  4. 1.http://www.birdpark.com.sg/visitor-info/park-experience.html
    2(i). 5,000 birds
    2(ii). 400 species
    2(iii). 30 metre
    2(IV). 9 story high
    2(V). 20.2 hectares

    (i) Rough estimate on the number of birds
    (ii) Rough estimate on the number of species
    (iii) May or may not be exactly 30 metres, but roughly the waterfall is 30 metres
    (IV) Varies on how high a story is, but the Lory Loft is approximately 9 normal story high
    (V) Since the number included a decimal, the area of the exploratory landscape (20.2 hectares) is accurate.

  5. 1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Zoo
    2) Annual visitors 1.6 million (estimated)
    collection of 270 animals (estimated)
    over 72 species (estimated)
    staff of 130 (estimated)
    lived for six months inside a cage (estimated)
    3) There are too many of each thing, so if it is estimated it is easier to remember

  6. 1. Singapore Police Force ( http://www.police.gov.sg/about/history.html )
    2. The five numbers are :
    (A) Mr Francis James Bernard was the Chief Police Officer overseeing a very small unit comprising only one sergeant, 12 constables and a jailer ( Exact, Historic Event )

    (B) The Force was expanded to about 2,000 strong, making Singapore a more peaceful and safer place than it was in the late 1800s ( Estimated, Easier to remember )

    (C) Four Values : Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Integrity ( Exact, Important )

    (D) The '999' is the Police emergency response. Our aim is to answer your '999' call within 10 seconds, which is about 3 rings of the telephone. We expect to meet that standard at least 90% of the time ( Exact, Promise )

    (E) Our aim is to have a police officer with you within 15 minutes for urgent incidents at least 87% of the time ( Exact, Promise ).

  7. 1) http://www.science.edu.sg/aboutus/Pages/SCBAboutUsHome.aspx

    a) 37 years
    b) 14 galleries
    c) 20,000m2
    d) 1 million students and visitors
    e) 9.8 MB (PDF)

    a) To inform people on how many years (exact) they have promoted interest and creative learning.
    b) To inform visitors on how many galleries (exact) there are so as to let them decide on how many galleries to go to.
    c) To inform everybody on how big is the outdoor garden as an estimation so as people can remember the number easily.
    d) To inform everybody on the (estimated) number of students and visitors that visited the science centre.
    e) To inform people downloading the annual report on how big the file is (estimate)

  8. 1. http://www.birdpark.com.sg/
    2. 5 numbers are:
    a)$130- exact
    3. a) It is the price of a ticket and it needs to be accurate. Same goes for b), d), and e).
    For c), it is the year that it started and it is not meaningful to put it exactly on that date on that time on that second and on that hour. People will not remember when it is opened as it is too exact and too long to remember. So, people would rather remember the year it is opened. Therefore, the year is estimated.

  9. the link is http://www.wrs.com.sg/parks-info-about-parks.html
    1) 42 endangered species /As endangered species are rare, the numbers there are realistic.
    2) 900000 visitors /It is an estimation as there are too many visitors and they round it up to end up with a nice number to tell others about
    3) Aquarium with volume of 2000m3 /It is exact as to build the aquarium, they need the actual size so they can just write it in
    4) 2800 animals / It is exact as they have many animals and cannot possibly count them all.
    5) $3,600,000 facility / it as an estimation as they round it up to have a nice number and to show others that the facility costs a lot.

  10. 1.http://www.nightsafari.com.sg
    2. 2,500 animals ( estimated ) , 7 geographical zones ( exact ),1.1 million visitors a year(estimated),highly entertaining and interactive 20-minute show( estimated ) , 11-time winner ( exact )
    3. As they are importing more and more animals every year, they cannot be constantly counting animals.
    Geographical Zones are exact as certain animals can only be from certain zones.
    1.1million as 1.1million are just too many to count and it would be really messy if they did.
    20-minute show is estimated as there may be some delays in between the show they may extend the time.
    11-time to show that they are very good and well known.

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  12. 1) http://www.zoo.com.sg/visitor-info/park-experience.html
    2a)26-hectare wildlife (exact)
    2b) More than 2,800 animals (estimated)
    2c)over 300 species of mammals (estimated)
    2d)1.6 million visitors (estimated)
    2e) $21.00 (exact)

    3a) The hecter can be count since it is a small number
    3b)The number of animals cannot be counted as it could be very hard
    3c)It is hard to count as there are too many species of animals
    3d) The number of visitors will be hard to count
    3e) It is important to give the exact amount of the price.

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  14. URL of website:http://www.zoo.com.sg/visitor-info/park-experience.html
    The 5 numbers:
    2800 animals-Estimate as new animals keep coming in.
    300 species-Estimate as there may be more species
    26 hectare wildlife park-Exact as there is exactly 26 current.
    1.6 million visitors-Estimate as it is impossible to count if its exactly 1.6 million as it is too big of a number.
    $21.00 for child-Exact as it is a fixed amount

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  16. http://www.birdpark.com.sg

    1. 1971 Exact
    2. 5,000 Estimated
    3. 400 Exact
    4. 20.2 Exact
    5. 9 Estimated

    1. They want the visitors to know the exact date they opened.
    2. Rough estimate of the number of birds as they cannot count them all.
    3. They know what type of species of birds they have.
    4.Since the number included a decimal, the area of the exploratory landscape (20.2 hectares) is accurate.
    5.The Lory Loft is approximately 9 normal story high but the height of one story might vary.

  17. 1:http://www.science.edu.sg/aboutus/Pages/SCBAboutUsHome.aspx
    2There is an additional 20,000m2 of outdoor exhibition space showcasing the Waterworks exhibition, Kinetic Garden and Ecogarden .(estimated)The Science Centre, Omni-Theatre and Snow City have engaged and enriched over 1 million students and visitors this financial year 2013/2014.(estimated)Our many interactive exhibits, housed in 14 galleries, cover a wide range of topics related to science, technology and mathematics.(exact)Over the past 37 years, the Centre has been a custodian of creativity and innovation, capturing the evolution of scientific developments through unique and relevant exhibitions and shows and continues to ignite young minds and foster new generations of scientifically savvy Singaporeans(exact) This is possible through the combination of specially-designed facilities (5-storey dome screen, seating configuration, digital sound system) and quality large format films (15perf/70mm).(exact)
    3:Some numbers they want to be exact but sometimes are being rounded off to make the number look bigger.

  18. http://www.sps.gov.sg/ (prison website)
    1. 1000 high-risk prisoner pre-released
    Reason:There is a lot of prisoners and is easier to remember the number, so it is an estimate.
    2. 70 percent of prisoner in 2013 is convicted to drug related offence
    Reason: It is not easy to count all the prisoner and their offences, also the number may not be able to be converted to a percentage as a whole number, so it is an estimate.
    3.First ASEAN Prisons Track & Field Championships held in July 1980
    Reason: This is estimate as it is not important for the exact date to be known
    4.Every year, more than 9,000 offenders complete their sentences
    Reason: This is estimate as each year there is a different number of released and they can only make an estimate of the average number.
    5.On 18th April 1825, the first batch of penal convicts arrived and they were housed in temporary huts along Bras Basah Canal.
    Reason: This is an exact date as this is a historical date

  19. 1) http://www.hometeam.sg/article.aspx?news_sid=20130402cvq5g9fVqTdY
    2)10 months
    23.6 per cent from 26.7 per cent
    76 inmates
    300 inmates
    1,000 high-risk
    1)(Exact)to know the exact number of months they are jail
    2)(Exact)The percent on how many offenders were dropped must be exact so people know how many people are dropped.
    3)(Exact)Offenders who complete the programme so people want to know.
    4)(Estimate)Undergoing the programme because the number is bid so you have to estimate
    5)(Estimate)High-risk offenders released so you have to estimate because it is more simpler

  20. http://www.sps.gov.sg/about-us/organisation

    SPS currently administers 14 institutions.
    this is exact as there is an number people in a working place

    SPS has 7 staff divisions
    this is exact as there must be an exact number of divisions

    that comprise of 29 staff units
    this is exact

    institutionalisation as a department in 1946,
    this is exact as this is a historical moment in its history

  21. 1) 5,000 birds (rough estimate)
    2) 400 species of birds (rough estimate)
    3) Waterfall Aviary that houses over 600 birds (rough estimate)
    4) 30 metre waterfall(maybe rough estimate)
    5)100 species of plant(rough estimate)
    5)100 plant species

  22. URL of website:http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/
    The 5 numbers are:
    1) 628 metre jungle trail (exact) - This is to give the visitors a limit and to consider the ride
    2) 31 million rides worldwide (estimate) - There were many rides held so this is the estimation of the whole sum
    3) 8 fully themed interactive zones (exact) - This is to inform people about how many attractions are held
    4) 20 feet (estimate) - to give a rough height for adults
    5) 450 metres long ( estimate) - To give people a rough idea how far it will go

  23. website: http://www.birdpark.com.sg/visitor-info/park-experience.html
    1)5000 birds (estimated)s they cannot possibly count the exact number of birds
    2)9 storey high Lory Loft (exact) as they want to show that it is very high above the ground
    3)100 species of plant(estimated)as they cannot possibly count the exact number of species of plants
    4)taking flight in 1971(exact)as it is historical
    5)$21.40(exact)the price of the ticket has to be exact

  24. URL of website :http://www.sentosa.com.sg/en/

    2a) 20 000 fishes (Estimated)
    2b) more than 800 species of marine animals (Estimated)
    2c) over 200 sharks (Estimated)
    2d) 90 artworks (Exact)
    2e) 72 metres above sea level (Exact)

    3a) There are too many fishes to count so they cannot give a accurate number of fishes.
    3b) Giving them the accurate number of species of fishes may confuse visitors.
    3c) Easier for visitors to remember.
    3d) Artworks are easier to count.
    3e) Height must be exact to allow visitors to know.